2 Girls with Haku - Oahu Glamour Photographer

Haku in Hawaiian means a crown of fresh flowers
— Hawaiian Dictionary

To this day, one of my favorite photography sessions with “Hawaii Military Spouse Photographers”  hosted by Lisa of Lisa Lantz Photography

I arrived at the location and we were in a group chatting with fellow photographers. I wasn’t yet aware how truly amazing this photoshoot would  be, I was simply oblivious. And then the models arrived and they had these gorgeous hakus courtesy of flower whisperer Jeff Alencastre. We all split off into groups and started wandering about looking for spots that each one of us wanted to shoot at. Later on it was my turn. I positioned the model who was a young girl with no experience and I loved her for it. To be that gorgeous and not knowing it, is the best thing a photographer can get during a photo session. It becomes your job to bring out the best in your client and show them how amazing they are. While I was pondering which direction I wanted her portrait to take, the most beautiful golden light appeared out of nowhere and nestled  itself oh so softly on her stunning features. All I had to do at that moment was simply snap the picture. Mother Nature and the model did all the work, while I simply captured that moment in time. 


Now it was time for me to move on to another model, one who had a completely opposite look; darker and glamorous with a hint of attitude.  Here I chose a slightly colder environment that I felt suited her well.


Towards the end of our meet up I was lucky enough to combine two models together to create one epic glamour shot. Something about one model having light hair with a soft light on her and the second model being a dark haired beauty slightly cast in the shadow that made this picture one of my favorite photographs to date.